Fest Alternative - Buenos Aires, Argentina


It was a very, very hot Saturday. The first band started playing at 11:30 and there were something more than 20,000 people at the stadium. Ben, Chris, Daniel, their crew and their mums arrived around 3pm in a van. By 4:30 I could see Ben and Daniel for the first time while they were watching an Argentinian band at one side of the stage. Then I know they (especially Daniel) gave some interviews for some magazines and tv progammes.

They came out to play at the main stage at 9pm and the first song was Madman. Ben was wearing just a pair of shorts, Chris had a green t-shirt and shorts as well, while Daniel had his typical yellow t-shirt, light blue trousers and a ridiculous pair of glasses which he lost right away. Daniel didn't speak very much between songs. His only request was "Take your clothes off," and he kept saying that a couple of times and I guess that nobody did it, but anyway, somebody gave him a paper so that he could say it in spanish but when he read it nobody understood a word. He also screamed 'silverchair' along with the crowd before Suicidal Dream, and "water," which was our request.

The three of them seemed to be enjoying the concert a lot. I was like a metre and a half from the stage and I had all these guys around me jumping and punching each other but I was determined to stay where I was and so I did. The next day I had bruises everywhere but I just can say that it was the best day of my life. I mean, silverchair helped me to go through a lot of difficult times and I can't find a way to thank them for everything they did for me without even knowing it. That's why it really pisses me off when somebody says "they're just another teen band" or "the girls only listen to them because they're handsome." As far as I'm concerned, that concert proved me that I wasn't wrong when I went to buy Frogstomp after having listened to Tomorrow only twice and that I'm not wrong when I argue with people trying to defend them.

Just to finish, I don't have the right order of the songs but they played: Cemetery, Faultline, Findaway, Freak, Israel's son, Leave me out, Madman, Pop song for us Rejects, Pure massacre, Slave, Suicidal Dream and Tomorrow.