ANU Refectory - Canberra, Australia

Australian National University Refectory
All-ages show with Bodyjar and Bluebottle Kiss

The concert was awesome, as you proably figured, and they played a fair few new songs. You probably know that Daniel doesn't really chatter much at the concerts, but something happened that was kinda funny. Near the end of the set, between a couple of songs, someone from the crowd yelled out to Daniel, "SHOW US YER TITS!!!" He heard it, laughed, and mumbled something into the microphone. He then walked back to the drum set, took a drink of water, came back to the mike, and lifted up his shirt to expose one nipple. Of course, all the girls there screamed like... well... little girls. Anyway, that's my story for the day, see ya!


Another awesome silverchair show...

Its 4:30 in the morning... a four-hour drive home has wrecked me, but it was definitely worthwhile.

Another new song, and a blistering version of Tomorrow, plus another great ending with Madman and Israel's Son.

I forget to mention last night, but Chris' short hair is still short, but now a nice shade of electric blue... Daniel & Ben... unchanged.