Newcastle Uni Bar - Newcastle, Australia

Billing themselves as the "Camel Mothers," silverchair played a 70-minute show for an appreciative crowd of 500 or so at the University of Newcastle's student bar on Thursday 23-May. The innocent criminals page correspondent at the show learned that the band's new album is scheduled for release in September.

According to Duane Dowse, Newcastle correspondent for the innocent criminals pages, silverchair played the gig in their home town mainly to gauge reaction to the songs they plan to include on the new record.

The band played only five songs from their debut album frogstomp. The rest of the set featured new music which is expected to be included on silverchair's forthcoming new album.

Sue Joannou, mother of silverchair bassist Chris Joannou, told our correspondent that the album would be released in September unless the band was unhappy with it, in which case it would not come out until February 1997.

There was no publicity for the show outside of the university campus. Duane said he would not have heard about the event except for a post in the Faultline Mailing List by Chris (93CD@unh-law.newcastle.edu.au). Chris predicted that the show would probably be "the biggest mosh to hit our bar in a while." Duane said that proved to be the case as the first 10 rows of the audience moshed from start to finish.

The ticket price for the over-18 show had been set at $14 Australian, but at silverchair's request, the price for uni students was dropped to $7.

The Melbourne-based band Blister opened the show before silverchair hit the stage at approximately 10:30 p.m.

Singer/guitarist Daniel Johns introduced Tomorrow as "the hit song off our sixth album."

Sue Joannou confirmed that the band members are continuing to enjoy themselves and still don't take themselves seriously.

"That's just the way they are," she said. The band is still "just a hobby" for them, she said, and they continue to be amazed by their success.


Hi all, it is after 1 a.m. here in Newcastle, Australia, and I have just got home from the silverchair concert at the Newcastle University bar.

Thanks heaps to Chris from the law faculty who posted yesterday that the concert was on. I appreciate it big time.

Well, the news from Daniel and Chris' parents that were operating the merchandise stand is that silverchair's next CD will be out in September '96 or if they are unhappy with it, then it will be delayed until probably February '97. I had at least a 30-minute chat with them. Very friendly people.

Tonight, the band really went off. They played Israel's Son, Tomorrow, Pure Massacre, Leave Me Out and Suicidal Dream off frogstomp but all the rest were unannounced new songs which will be on their new album. That was the reason for tonights concert -- to gauge the public's response to the new songs. I for one loved them.

They did play a humourous song called Moon where four of their friends bared their backsides to the crowd at the start of the song. Very funny. One bit of trivia -- they billed themselves as "Camel Mothers" tonight. It was written on the bass drum.