Lyon, France


I went to Lyon in 96. I realize now that it was a little show, but crazy. First it was in a place that used to be called "Le Glob." There were billboards with the frogs that we brought with us. The 'chair arrived at 2am. I think that there were only 10 others waiting for them.

They showed up in a car was that was white and very ugly. Dan was a little bit tired, but he didn't look as bored as Ben, but when we asked him for some autographs, he started laughing. At that time, Chris had just cut his hair. We were surprised to see him like that on stage because when we saw him outside he was wearing a Korn beanie. We should have talked more with them but we were so impressed! They entered and we knocked many times at the door and a man opened it and a few fans entered and took photos! A man coming to make an interview had many problems with his recorder! Finally we never heard of it on radio! It's a poxy interview, I think the guy wasn't able to understand anything of Chris accent! Then came Art Alexakis and the others from Everclear; Art was very funny and we talked about our towns. He was surprised to see that we made a 150 km trip to see the 'chair. The 'chair were unknown. He told us that he liked what those 16 years old guys did. During all our conversation, Ben was looking at us f rom the window: it was like a little house…strange and small.

At 8:00 or so, roughly 500 people were waiting outside. When they opened the door, everybody ran so fast. It was really the kind of rock gig. It started at 9:00. Everclear were great. Ben was looking on the left! I think he founded it cool that the drummer always played with his tongue, he had a weird face. Then our surroundings became dark and Dan came out with a tie! At the beginning Ben was wearing a T-shirt. Chris seemed to be lost without his hair.

They started with Leave Me Out and then they did an unknown song for us at the time. I think it was Blind. I remember when Dan Sang Faultline; one of my friends was sitting on the bar. She was tired and talked with Dan's mom, and suddenly Dan screamed "FUCK YOU!" and her mom said "ouhhhh!" They did Pure Massacre of course and Suicidal Dream. Many girls were screaming "DANNY!" with frogs in the hand. I won't tell you the color!

Those girls started a war on magazines as "rock sound" to know who was Dan's girlfriend. That was boring but it stopped. At the end of that hot show Dan said "bye & thanks" and Ben threw his sticks and Chris said bye. I don't remember all the songs. After the break it was Madman!

Well it was a normal gig without any problems. But I remember being more tired than I was after other big shows. I think everybody liked it! We saw interviews (from Paris) and parts of gigs on TV.