House Of Blues - New Orleans, USA

I'm not really one for too many words, but I this was easily in my top three shows ever attended. The chair has taken their live game to the next level - while some of the orchestration from the latest two albums may not translate over to a live show, the stripped down versions along with the boys improvisation and mid-song jams more than make up for it. You can see that Paul Mac has blended seamlessly into the live show, which has only added to the greatness. Israel's Son still brings the same punch that it did in '95, and the YM songs sound absolutely fantastic live. The jam in the middle of Ana's Song was also a high point. It was great to see the boys enjoying themselves as much as they were, and I can only hope they make it back to Louisiana sometime soon!

set list (probably out of order).

Young Modern Station
Emotion Sickness
Israel's Son
Tuna and the Brine
Those Thieving Birds Pt.1/Strange Behaviour/Birds Pt. 2
The Greatest View
Reflections of a Sound
Mind Reader
Straight Lines
Ana's Song
The Door
If You Keep Losing Sleep

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