The Armory - Salem, USA


The concert started at 7:00, w/ Handsome playing first, then Local H, then silverchair. Handsome was okay, & Local H was really good.

A little after 9:00, silverchair came on. The stage was totally dark, with smoke blowing around it, then they played the opening parts of Slave, with lights flashing every time they played, then going off again. When they went in to Slave, the stage lights came on full blast. Daniel was wearing khakis, a yellow t-shirt with a pizza place on the back, black airwalks, and white, red & black boxers with squares and triangles on them (but no eyebrow ring=( he was wearing eyeliner, though, I think). Ben was wearing shorts, no shirt, and his new hair (which looks really good). Chris had on shorts and a t-shirt, I think, but I had trouble seeing him. They opened with Slave, and closed with Israel's Son. I don't remember the exact order of the songs, but I remember what they played all together. In no particular order:

Abuse Me
No Association
The Door
The Closing
Israel's Son
Pure Massacre
Leave Me Out
Suicidal Dream

I think that's it. Some highlights of the concert were when Ben sang happy birthday to his dad, (somebody called Ben fat, and he said,"Shut up, I know I'm fat"-but he's not!) and instead of saying his dad's name, he said, "dear old fart." Before Abuse Me, Daniel said something about Bailey, silverchair's guitar technician, teaching them to masturbate, and Daniel said something about "Taking a break and having a Kit-Kat". Some interesting things: Daniel climbed up on the speakers, instead of saying, in Cemetery, Not to immitate, but to irritate, he just said, immitate...irritate, he did the cool pointing thing when he says if only I could be as cool as you, in Freak, and during the song they had the heater thingies from the video on the stage. Daniel used two guitars that I saw (but I didn't pay much attention) a pretty silver one, and one with lotsa stuff on it...don't remember the color, though. Ben's hair was...wild. It looks really good, though, I think. It's just, you don't even recognize him at first =)

Well, despite almost being killed in the mosh pit, I think that was the best concert I've ever been to =)