Sao Paulo, Brazil


Photos courtesy of MTV Brazil

The concert in Sao Paulo (May, 15) was simply brilliant. Some people were waiting in front of the Credicard Hall since monday (May, 12) and 6 hours before the show, the lines were really long.

At 10:30PM, Daniel, Ben and Chris came in the stage and the crowd started screaming. It was insane!

It all started with very long versions of "Steam Will Rise" and "Emotion Sickness", from Neon Ballroom. They played these songs almost like a jam session.

"Without You" was the next and the stage presence of the guys was amazing. People were really having fun! The performance of Ben (and his face while playing) was great.

Daniel changed to his Rickenbacker guitar and the first chords of "World Upon Your Shoulders" were played. This song really could be a wonderful single. After "World Upon Your Shoulders", Daniel said his first words in the night to the audience: just a "hello" but the crowd screamed too loud so he spoke a little in portuguese.

The next three songs Daniel played with the acoustic guitar. "Luv Your Life", "Tuna In The Brine" and "Across The Night". Fantastic! In the end of "Across The Night", Daniel left the guitar and started singing like he was acting in a theatre.

Again with the electric guitar, they played "The Greatest View". Increasingly people were singing along with Daniel. Chris played the whole concert in silence, sometimes very concentrated. Always extraordinary.

Then they played the well known couple of songs "Ana's Song (Open Fire)" and "Miss You Love". It was a superb moment, the songs are even better live. Girls were delighted and screaming like a Beatles concert in 1966.

The last songs were heavier, showing the phenomenal capacity and ability of Daniel with the guitar. "The Door" was perfect, one of my favorites. "Freak" was the next, and everybody was jumping like a madman. All the "youth" helped Daniel singing "Anthem For The Year 2000". Daniel, Ben and Chris left the stage. Lights off. People screaming. They came back.

Daniel sit down in his piano and played an emotional version of "Asylum". People listened carefully. When Ben and Chris took their places again, they got straight into "The Lever". No words to describe the sound these guys can play!!!!

The Instrumental Jam started and they played, at the same time, angry and gentle. Daniel was energetic. He left the guitar and took away his shirt, showing the two piercings. Then he went up in the piano and played a guitar solo there. Above. When he came down, he smashed the guitar in the amplifiers and threw it on the drums. They left the stage (Daniel dancing ballet) and it was over. Perfect night, perfect songs, perfect musicians, perfect crowd! A honour! GET THE FUCK UP!

Set List:
Steam Will Rise
Emotion Sickness
Without You
World Upon Your Shoulders
Luv Your Life
Tuna In The Brine
Across The Night
The Greatest View
Ana's Song (Open Fire)
Miss You Love
The Door
Anthem For The Year 200

The Lever
Instrumental Jam



May 15th, me and my friends were very anxious, at 6:00 am we went to the airport to try to see them. And after hours, At 2:16 they arrived and all the fans freaked out. We followed them until the hotel, but was inpossible to see them.

At 8:00 pm we arived in Credcard Hall, It was very crowded! At 9:40 Detonautas on the stage, but i couldn't pay attencion, 'cus i was there to see silverchair. At 10:20 the curtain up. And seconds after they entered, Daniel was very excited, everybody was singing, he said "Obrigado" (thanks), and in the middle of the concert shake his butt twice, it was awesome.

The best part was when Daniel take of his shirt and go up to the piano, He had 2 piercing! And he stay witout shirt til the end. And in the end he jump in to the amplifier, and fuck the amplifier, he beat the drum to. It was fucking awesome. It was the best concert that i ever seen in my life. I never will forget it, Silverchair rox!



The crowd was full ,with all kinds of people old young and really young. Detonautas the openning band played around 5 songs. And everyone were really ansxius when the lights
turn off me and some others entusiastics fans who where in the chairs stand up but it wasnt the time yet ,well i sat down and stand up like 5 times, when they finally came in playing as the openning song Steam will rise a slow song that we never thought as an openning song the crowd as a mass didnt really sang this song but i did really lound , happy crazy but not jumping yet they sang in the beggining off the gig only slow songs when they finally played the most populars from diorama the whole crowd sang really beautiful view .

While the show go on everyone screamed and clap hands all the time it was a huge energy and hapiness in the air.I felt really well and as the most of the songs werent to jump i raise my hand all the time(my left shoulder still hurts)but it was soooo great.

The jumping songs i dont even know how to describe, i sang really lound and jump during Freak, Doors ,and Anthem for the year 2000 .

Silverchair played lot of instrumental parts, Dan played lot of solos moving the pleasing the crowd...

From Diorama songs i think across the noght was the most interesting reactions people sang: across the nightaaaaai it was the moon that stole my slumber!!!!

 When they left the stage people went: SILVERCHAIR, SILVERCHAIR, SILVERCHAIR claping hands quicker... When they came back with Lever shaking the crowd... But it wasnt only the crowd that was shaking Mr Johns was shacking like ...(dont know never seen such a thing) and my friends all open mouthed thinking this is Dan? Yeah new Dan who got his shirt off and showed his non espected pirecing...

 Dan said that we were the best crowd ever, i knew it, it really did well my part for that...





I live in a city in the northeast of Brazil. I traveled 3 hours by plane to São Paulo just to see SILVERCHAIR!!!!!!

I arrived at 7:00 p.m. to get a good place and a lot of people were already there. So at 10pm they start the concert, I couldnt believe that i was there seeing my favorite band, a band that I never thought that I could see live.

They played all the songs that i wanted to hear!!!! Across the night was amazing, Daniel starts to sing like he was singing opera. Anas song and miss you love were perfect, the band was amazing. Chris and Ben were amazing, they were so excited!!!!

 All the new songs were perfect: Tuna in the brine, luv your life(my favorite song), without you, the greatest view, world upon your shoulders. The lever was the best!!! Daniel went crazy!!!!! He took off his shirt( by the way what a body, hes definetly ok now), his piercings were the best, he went up the piano and starts to plar his guitar, perfect!!!! Then he jumped and i got worried with his knee but hes definetly better, in shape!!! They made a very good perfomance and Daniel said goodbye to us dancing ballet!!!

 Daniel also learned how to shake, he was shaking all the time, good for us, i think that he learned how to dance samba!! The old songs were great too: freak, anthem for the year 2000, emotion sickness and others...

The band was playing with a lot of energy and the crowd was amazing!!! The sound was perfect!

It was the best show of my life, i will never forget it!!! I couldnt believe that they were there.




Set List:
Steam Will Rise
Emotion Sickness
Without You
World Upon Your Shoulders
Luv Your Life
Tuna In The Brine
Across The Night
The Greatest View
Ana's Song (Open Fire)
Miss You Love
The Door
Intro / Freak
Anthem For The Y2K

The Lever / Jam

Inspiration, improvisation and love across the brazilian night.

Amazing. This is the perfect definition of the last silverchair's show in Brazil's tour. Daniel, Ben and Chris showed to the brazilian fans their new songs live and received a good answer. “Across the Night”, “Without You” and “The Greatest View” were singed very loud for all the audience. Old sounds like “Freak” and “The Door” gave a diferent atmosphere to the local. Everybody was jumping and enjoying the fantastic performance of the band on these two songs.

“Steam Will Rise” opened the show and make the public went out crazy. Ben played his colored drums in a fantastic way. Improvisation. This the word that can define some tunes of Diorama’s tour. Fans from Brazil noted it in “Steam Will Rise”. Daniel made some good guitar's solos with Ben's incredible drums company.

In “Emotion Sickness”, everybody presents at Credicard Hall singed along "Get Up" with Daniel. After this, the world of Diorama entered in silverchair's apresentation. “Across The Night” was dedicated to the keyboard player Sam Holloway and had a great vocals performance of Daniel.

"Our new favourite song", said Daniel Johns introducing "The Greatest View" that was played in an energetic way. "Ana's Song" and "Miss You Love" made part of the sweetest part of band's show and after them another time to jump with "The Door". Improvisatin strikes back!!! Daniel played guitar with his mouth and shaked his butt making all the girls scream very loud. At the same time, Ben and Chris were just smiling and improvising at their instruments.

The heavy act came along with an instrumental intro for “Freak”. Before that, “Anthem for the year 2000” finished the show but... that night with inspiration and improvisation of Daniel, Ben and Chris and love of all the brazilians fans still have time for an encore.

Personally, I was very happy when Daniel started to play at the piano the first note of “Asylum” ­ one of the most beautiful sounds of silverchair’s career. Daniel’s voice in that song was perfect. The last music of São Paulo’s night was “The Lever” followed by a “jam session” of Sam and Julian’s organs, Chris’s bass, Ben’s drums and Daniel’s guitar. It’s a shame that the guys played only 15 songs... fans wanted more, but after that magical night... we got a conclusion that nothing was wrong... it was a great expierience... Congratrulations guys!!! You are in a good shape...

Hope to see you soon!!!

Good news

Many people came to me very sad because it could be the last silverchair’s tour. I don’t think so... I read in a brazilian newspaper an interview of Daniel Johns. GOOD NEWS!!! He told he composed 15 songs, but he liked only 5 of these new sounds. He’s very happy nowadays and said he lives a spiritual moment.



Hello, all of you fuckin' (this is for you, Volnei!) "'chair" fans!

To start the report, I'm going to tell you how I could have watched the concert. It's a (very very) long history... OK, one day, like the others, I went to school and a classmate of mine told me something like this: "Good news for you, 'Uncle Quadrado' (he calls me this way!!! crazy Japanese!!!)!! silverchair is going to play here in Brazil!!" I got very interested, but I thought it was just a gossip, like we are used to hear here. But I didn't forget it...

Some days after, I was surfing on the Internet, so I joined a Brazilian music site, and there was written that the guys were going to play here! So I got very very happy, but there were bad news: they weren't going to play in my state (I live in Rio Grande Do Sul, very south of Brazil). WHY!?!? A lot of international famous bands have already played here, just for examples, recently played: KISS, Sepultura, Metallica, Roger Waters, Eric Clapton, Rush, Red Hot Chili Peppers (I went to this one! In 2002. Flea said that it was the best crowd ever, much better than São Paulo).

I got a little upset. But I decided to tell my mother about the concert, and I asked her for paying the trip AND the concert to me, everything as a birthday gift!!! And, unexpectly, she accepted!! I got happy, but I knew that it would be difficult. For you people that are not from Brazil, Rio Grande Do Sul (the state that I live) is more than 2000 kilometers far from São Paulo (the location of the concert). And it's very expensive to pay for the trips and for the concert! But, OK, she accepted my request.

Right, no problems, I would miss 2 or 3 days at school. But, I started to work! And things got even more complicated. So I talked to the people responsible for the misses here, and they didn't complain about it (thank you, Adriana!!!). My road to the concert was beginning.

I had to take a bus from Pelotas (the city that I live) to Porto Alegre (the capital of the state) at 2 in the morning!!! But, I got it. Finally, I got at the capital. After that, I took a "TrensUrb" (it's similar to a subway!) to go to the airport, to take the aeroplane! 9 AM... I'm flying.
10:30: I'm in São Paulo, everything is alright now.

So, I took a taxi around 5 PM to go to the concert. I thought that nobody would be there, but, for my surprise, there was a huge line. Some hours after and almost pissed in the pants, I entered the arena, the Credicard Hall, a perfect place for a perfect concert. I ran to the bathroom (that was all I needed at the moment), and after that I went to the room where the concert was going to take place.

After, long waiting, I was next to the stage, but I got pushed over and over again, and I went a little to the back of the crowd. I decided to go drink some water and sit down a little, because it was only 8 PM and there was the terrible opening band, called "Detonautas Roque Clube".

Around 9:30 PM that motherfucking band entered. I just waited, they made two covers of two different Brazilian bands: Legião Urbana and Raimundos. The first one was OK, but the last one... oh, my Gosh! They killed the song, I can't explain how the bass player could make a mistake in the beginning of the song, I played that riff the first day I bought my bass... And, also... has anybody told the guys to stop playing scratches (Clééééston!!!!!!!!!)?? After the covers, they played their biggest hit, it was kind of cool, a lot of people jumped. Certainly, the best song of their concert...

Then, the lights disappeared!!!! My favourite band was going to play within a few minutes, right in front of me. By that time I was a little far from the stage, but I started getting closer to it. 5 minutes later... the curtains are opened! And a strong opening song played, it was an orchestral stuff... very cool... and it ended with the arrangements made by Van Dyke for the song "Across The Night", from "Diorama", very nice. Everybody started screaming and jumping! I was expecting Daniel to sit and play "After All These Years", like the other concerts of the tour. But, for my surprise, I saw Ben and Chris entering the stage with him, and I noticed that the blond guy was taking his red SG Gibson. SURPRISE!

Ben started playing the drums and Chris played the big bass riff of the amazing "Steam Will Rise". In the start I didn't recognize it, because the volume of the bass was too low, but after it got higher. Daniel started playing the cool guitar stuff of the beginning and the crowd never stopped screaming. I would never imagine that "Steam Will Rise" could be the opening song of any concert, but it was very amazing. However, some people didn't know the lyrics of the song, but, as every opening song of every cool concerts, people were screaming. I got surprised again and happy to see the guys playing that song in a longer way, with drums and guitar solos, very very very nice! The song ended with that relaxing sound (I can't explain what is that, it's similar to wind effects, I don't think it's Sweep), as in the album "Neon Ballroom".

Right after, they played the beginning wonderful riff of the perfect "Emotion Sickness". I love this song, It was one of the songs that I was curious the most to see them playing. Incredible!, better than in the tour of "Neon Ballroom", as they played in "Rock In Rio 3". That black Les Paul is the most beautiful guitar in the world. When Daniel hit the distortion everybody screamed, right in this time of the concert I couldn't believe that I was there. Well, in the Palm Mute guitar stuff, a lot of people jumped (I didn't stop!). In the climax of the song (the "Get Up!!!" part), Daniel left the crowd sing, and he just played that guitar, and just sang "Won't you stop my pain...", and that brilliant riff again. Then, the end of the song, they played it longer too... very nice... the crowd sang the whole entire lyrics.

No time for rest... "Without You", one of my favourite stuff of the new album, came. What a fucking great drum line this song has in the beginning, Ben did it great! Every time they played the chorus of this song was wonderful, everybody singing, a wonderful light, and very empolgated Chris Joannou!! One of the best moments of the concert, certainly. The end of this song is terrific, one of the most beautiful riffs Daniel Johns has ever created! The band stopped playing, and changed their instruments, while they were doing that, one of the keyboarders played the keyboard stuff that is on "Diorama" after this song too, it was very beautiful, I smiled at that time.

Next, "World Upon Your Shoulders". I like this song very much, the guitar line is perfect. I got a little upset because a big part of the crowd didn't know the lyrics of this song, that are awesome. So, I was literally screaming at the ears of the people who are in front of me... hehehe. Daniel's both singing and playing is impressing, specially in the words "a world that's big and violent..." with that complicated guitar stuff. That Rickenbacker he was using is very beautiful. Nice moment, the concert continues...

The frontman was going to take his acoustic guitar, but before he finally said "hi" to the approximadetly 10,000 people there, the answer was screaming, as always. The band played "Luv Your Life", personally, the song that less pleases me in the new album. But it was cool, I sang all the lyrics along with the crowd.

After, "Tuna In The Brine", I wasn't really expecting to see them playing this song! I like this song, it really has a different atmosphere. Very experimental one, I enjoy this kind of stuff. Daniel sang it really fine, I didn't got disappointed of their live version, but all the orchestral things were missing. No problem, amazing song!

OK, the name of the tour is "Across The Night Tour", but silverchair didn't play it on Recife and Belo Horizonte concerts. So I thought they wouldn't play it in São Paulo too. But I got surprised when he said "this song is about being on the road" and smiled to the keyboardists, that started playing the awesome and epic "Across The Night". Daniel was singing with crazy and funny hand movements. Cool song, lots of people sang it. In the "Act 2" of the song, he left his guitar with the roadie and started singing without playing, it was different, because everyone is used to see Daniel playing and singing at the same time. It was very curious to see him singing with those arms movement, and the climax "I just wanna be aloooone...". Awesome!

Right, the nice semi-acoustic Rickenbacker was in Johns' hands again. He said: "The best crowd of the tour... very funny!" Thank you, Daniel! And also: "The coolest song in the new album", and started playing the marvelous riff of "The Greatest View". Nice song (but not the best of Diorama... in my opinion), everybody sang along, principally the choruses "I'm watching you...". Daniel's guitar was with the clean sound low again... but... no problem.

After that, the frontman picked the Red SG again, and I thought: "Ana's Song (Open Fire)". I was right. He played the same chords but in a different way before playing and singing the song, very nice! I like this song very much, and the crowd certainly enjoyed. I knew that they were going to play "Miss You Love" right after, and a lot of people (mainly girls) were there just to listen to this song, since it's the greatest hit of the guys here in Brazil. When he sang: "Millionaire say..." a high scream came from the crowd. The fact that more had my attention during this song was Chris' face while Daniel was playing by himself. Chris was like everyone of us, enjoying the song like he was in the crowd, making movements with his head, good to see!! And when he started playing he got very concentrated...

After "Miss You Love", the coolest part of the show was going to start. Daniel dedicated the "next song" to the people that were upstairs, sitten. Everybody that was with me, in the middle of the big crowd, started to swear the ones that were there. But Johns said to us we've got to jump!! And he told us: "SCREAM if you will jump". I don't really think that everyone understood it, 'cuz we were screaming for everything that he was saying. And he started playing the opening cool riff of "The Door". Everybody started jumping and there were some people that moshed too. This song was full of improvisations and new stuff. Including guitar solos and Daniel playing with his teeth.

The keyboardists went away and the blond guy started making improvisations and some noise with his Green Dropped-D Gibson. Very funny to see it. So, he stopped with the noise and stepped in the pedal. He looked into us and started playing the motherfuckin' "Freak", my favourite song ever!!! When Ben came with the drums, I started jumping crazy, like everyone. I could see the smiles and the happiness in the faces of the people that were there, and they were really enjoying that moment. Daniel made a crazy guitar solo, but I couldn't see it very well because there was a flag in front of me (an Australian flag, by the way. Damn girl!).

Right after, the opening keyboard noise of "Anthem For The Year 2000" rang. I screamed at that moment. Ben came with the drums line and after Chris and Daniel with the riff. Everybody was jumping to. Johns asked for us to sing, and we did it well. The nicest part of this song was when everyone was singing "we are the youth", the request of the frontman. I felt the rebel side inside of me when I was screaming that, with all my soul. This song has very interesting political lyrics.

So the guys went away. But I knew that they would be back. Even so, everybody was screaming "silverchair, silverchair, silverchair!". In a few minutes Daniel, Sam and Julian came back. Daniel sat at the piano, and I thought "After All These Years" or "Asylum". Honestly, I was expecting to listen to the last one. And my desire was realized. It was certainly the most relaxing moment of the concert. I noticed that there were a little bit of people that were singing that song (I was one of them!), but the other ones were enjoying. I have to say that at that moment I regret of not having a cigarette lighter with me, hehehehe...

After "Asylum", Ben and Chris were back. I was expecting to hear "Israel's Son" or "One Way Mule". And Daniel was with his black guitar, very low-tuned. I told to the guys that were beside me that it was going to be "One Way Mule". But I was wrong. "The Lever" came. I really like this song, very very much. I started jumping and headbanging. When this song ended, they started playing a lot of improvisations, Johns jumped at the piano and played his guitar there, cool guitar solos. They made cool riffs, I remembered that were some Palm Mutes and the riff ended with B. When Daniel was making the solos, Chris and Ben made a kind of "funky" base, which was very nice.

The concert ended when Ben looked into his drums (I felt he wanted to break it!) and threw his sticks on it, after he threw them to the crowd, and they didn't got so far of me! Chris, as always, went away discrectly, with Sam and Julian. Daniel let the guitar making a lot of noise, very cool, and he went away dancing the ballet, BIZARRE!!! Very funny, I laughed very much. The concert was over.

Here is the set list of the concert, I'm pretty sure that it was played like this:

Opening: Steam Will Rise
2 - Emotion Sickness
3 - Without You
4 - World Upon Your Shoulders
5 - Luv Your Life
6 - Tuna In The Brine
7 - Across The Night
8 - The Greatest View
9 - Ana's Song (Open Fire)
10 - Miss You Love
11 - The Door
12 - Freak
13 - Anthem For The Year 2000


1 - Asylum
2 - The Lever