Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


I cannot remember exactly the set list, but it is something like that.

Steam Will Rise
World Upon Your Shoulders
Emotion Sickness (Incredible version)
Without You
Across the Night
Luv Your Life
Tuna in the Brine
The Greatest View
Ana Song
Miss You Love
Anthem for the year 2000
The door
The Lever

Rio de Janeiro, full moon, after waiting all day long to see them, I waited 8 hours, actually, I waited 2 years (since rock in rio) to see them again. SILVERCHAIR, and they are just in front of me, entering the stage, Daniel, Cris and Mr. Hat Ben. :-). I went totally crazy... As the crowd around me. I know this music... Steam will rise, I would never imagine Silverchair starting a show with this song and I have never read about any show with this music played live. Screams and more screams, people pushing each other trying to get closer from the band, I was there, in the first line. Staring right in Daniel's eyes and I don't know why, it could be just an alucination of mine but I swear that during the first song Daniel looked right to my eyes too, hypnotized by the song, by Daniel and the show I stopped worrying about the crowd, about people pushing me and I really enjoyed the show.

Then Emotion Sickness in an unbelievable diferent and in someway new song, Daniel Johns screamed so loud during this song, that everybody sttoped to admire the power of his voice, the true power of Silverchair at stage. World upon your shoulders came to calm people down and Across the night was great, the band was perfect, the sound was perfect. My dream became true when I heard "I found the keys to my heart" Tuna in the Brine, my favourite song of Diorama, everybody sang it together in a beautiful choral. The greatest view was energetically played by the guys and everybody went mad, because this song was the first song of Diorama that people listened to in the radio.

Ana Song and Miss You Love remembered me of Rock in Rio when they were played together too. A new riff started Freak and then Anthem for the Year 2000 and once more a choral sang the first part of the song and I had the impression that Daniel loved to see people singing his song with that enthusiasm and energy.

After a quick break, Daniel sat on his piano and started playing Asylum, alone on stage but that does not mean that it wasn't good, otherwise, he was great playing alone too. Then The door with some other song that I don't know in the middle of the song. He played a brazilian song called Garota de Ipanema showing that he knows something about Bossa Nova and something about my country, fact that makes me really proud.

Daniel was really funny posing with the guitar and he played the guitar with his teeth twice, masturbate his guitar, licking it and simulating sex movements with it. :-). He played standind on the piano during The Lever showing some good capacity of improvisation and integration of the band, Daniel layed down on the piano and played there for some time... Crazy crazy;;; :-D

Then, to make all the girls there mad daniel did a striptease, taking off almost all his clothes, and only with his paints and guitar on he ended the show throwing the guitar at the drums. And letting the crowd with the feeling that it was the best show ever, and like any other good thing in life, it has a time to end.



I'm still too excited to talk about it... No! Actually, I'm too tired to even think 'bout the show I went last night !

But, well, let's start from the very beggining... on January 21st, 2001... I was being smashed against the grates, just to be a little closer to Silverchair... I mean, just to be able to watch the show, since I was just a 15 year-old girl (by that time...) amongst 250 thousand jumping and screaming people... Well, it took me some time to recover from that crazy experience that did, really, take my breath away... After that, I decided that my place in any Silverchair's concert would be there... squeezed... next to the stage!

Then... time passed by, I got a little older ( and a little less crazy...) and finally Silverchair came back to Rio, to perform what I'd call the best show ever!

I heard the great news, that Silverchair would be playin' in town on may 14th... I bought my ticket, programmed myself to get there early, in order to get a place next to the stage (as I had promissed...)

...What I didn't know was that things wouldn't happen as I had planed them... I would unfortunatelly have a play (since i'm an actress) in another city... 'bout 3 hours from here... at 3 P.M. on may 14th... ******* SO, NOW, LET'S BRING THIS STORY TO THE PRESENT!" ******* I woke up yesterday, nervous 'bout everything: I sware I had never wished so bad to be two!!! I had an important play, and an important concert to go ! And both on the same day!

I traveled 3 hours to get to Friburgo ( where the play would take place)! At about 5 P.M. my work there was done, and I was free to come back to Rio... but I still had much rain and road... much road in my way to Silverchair's show... I traveled 3 hours and a half back to Rio (and this "half" was exactly the time in which I'd have ate something...)! When I got home, I ran upstairs, took a 10 minutes shower and put into something, that i'm still not sure if can be called "clothe" (I guess now I know the meaning of "dressing the first clothe you see inside your closet"!)... My mother was waiting for me downstairs to take me to the show! I arrived there at exactlly 9:30 P.M. ! I met my friends ( THEY WAITED FOR ME OUTSIDE! =o) THIS ARE TRUUUUE FRIEDS!) and we went running to the line. As I stepped inside ATL Hall, the first show had just started (the band that opened the show is called "Detonautas")... By that time, the only thing I could say was: I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M HERE! ... ******* NOW GETTING TO THE POINT ******* Daniel, Ben and Chris got on the stage, people were screaming very loud... they began with Steam Will Rise, then they played Emotion Sickness (I almost died in this point of the show!!!), World Upon Your Shoulders, Luv Your Live, Tuna In The Brine, Ana's Song, Miss You Love (and the girls were crying...), The Door (I felt the floor shaking!), The Greatest View, Without You and Freak (which is the most famous song here in Brazil... the floor started to tramble more and more... I felt the place was getting hot! The lights on the stage got red, all of a sudden, makin' it look like hell... people were jumpin' and squeezin' each other... ev'rybody was singing...) ---> I'M SURE IT WAS NOT IN THIS ORDER!

Then, they started to play Anthem For The Year 2000, Daniel left it for us to sing, and we did it... we sang, we yelled the first part of the song! Then, Daniel started to sing and everybody kept on singing along! After this song, the band left the stage!!!! But we wanted more... we wanted much more!!! We asked for them to come back and nothing happened... The lights were off... both, the stage and the audience lights...it was very dark, and people were very nervous... About 5 minutes after, the stage lights were turned on ! People started to scream and shout really loud... Daniel took his place on the piano, and started to play Asylum... people stayed quiet, just listenin' to that beautiful song... and I ? Well, I couldn't believe he was there, in front of me, playin' Asylum...

They played two more songs, I guess, that I didn't really recognize! We started sreaming TOMORROW, TOMORROW, TOMORROW, veeeeeery loud, hoping that they would play it for us ! But Daniel said: CHICAGO? Which song is that? You want us to sing a song called CHICAGO? I don't remember any! ... Then he told the security to pick a girl from the audience to tell him what we wanted... (at this moment I admit I kind of wished I was next to the stage!) but they took too long to choose a girl, and, when she got on the stage, they had just started to play another song! Anyway, she was so f***ing lucky, they let her stay there, sitting on the stage!

Well, from now on, the story starts to get a little confused in my mind... I remember Daniel took his shirt off (how could I forget... at this moment, I sware I thought I was gonna die! People we're screamin'... it looked like the ceiling would come down at any moment!) ... They played The Lever... the song I had asked for, the song I was waiting for since the very beggining! Daniel threw the microphone's pedestal on the drums... hit the drums with his guitar, threw his guitar and let it fall on the floor... People went crazy ! After that they left the stage and did not come back anymore... they left thousands of screamin' people there... they left us with the memory of this amazing show... that I'm sure, no one will ever forget!

What I have to say now is that I'm still too tired... and I'm so f***ing happy 'cause I was there... I'm so f***ing happy to see that Daniel's great, to see him playing again... to see that Silverchair's growing, that their music's growing also, and growin' each day better!
I love Silverchair, from Frogstomp to Diorama and all I have to do is Thank you Silverchair for givin' us brazilians the happiness of receiving you in our country !!! Remember that you're always welcome here ! Thank you very much !



A good word to be used in an attempt to define Silverchair`s concert here in Brazil would be unusual, not bad, but quite unpredictible. We have been waiting them since their last concert in Rock Rio festival in 2001, so one thing that you can say is that their fans (including ouselfs) were quite excited about this concert. But what we saw was a unexpected performance of the band, take a look at the set list:

×Steam will rise
×World upon your sholders
×Emotion Sickness
×Luv your life
×Across the night
×Tuna in the brine
×Ana's Song
×Miss you love
×The door
×Without you
×The greatest View
×Anthem for the year 2000
×The lever (about ten minutes)
(Not exacly in this order)

One Thing that We have to say is that the sound was perfect, not only the quality but also the band was sounding like the cd, we have never heard Daniel singing as good as he did last night (May 14th), it was quite amazing. And Something that we have never seen before, the band playing without the guitar; Daniel put it aside just to performe his singing
more freely.

Although the beginning of the concert was a little bit soft ("Steam...", the perfect and contagious "Emotion Sickness" and "Luv Your Life", most of the songs were from the latest "Diorama"), it had its heavy moments, as in "Freak" (the audience was insane, jumping altogether with the guitar riff) and in Daniel`s favorite new song "the Greatest View" (in his own words).

In addition to all that "Dioramical" enviromemnt there were some things that made this concert unique, for example, when a fan went through the security guards and got to the stage in the middle of a song. Instead of screaming on the mic or jumping into the crowd, he just got close to Ben and stood there hearing the beats of the drums, but it did not last too long, of course, because of the same secutiry guards he had gone through before. And another interesting thing was that the climax of their performance were neither the new or the old songs, but Daniel`s strip (for the girls), finishing the concert wearing only his pants, and his smashing the guitar into the drums (for the boys).

The concert was great, probably one of the best we have gone, however we felt an empty space as soon as the concert had finished. Where were the punk songs? There were not a single song from the first album. I know that they have grown older, that they have envolved and that they are not the same, we know it all and still like them very much, but where would they be now without their first album?! They don`t have to prove anything to anybody, they are great and that is all, their new songs speak for themselves.



AMAZING SHOW in Rio!!!!!!
Silverchair plays too many songs for too much people again!!


- extinguished Lights
- They enter and generality cries out!
- Everybody presses me and the heat increases
- Daniel compliments galera: "oi" (Hi in portuguese!)
- Daniel drinks water and says: "Água!" (Water in portuguese!)
- The people scream!
- Daniel says: "You want it"
- Daniel plays the water in the people
- Daniel says: "Take it! Shered itselfes"
- I am less pressed! The people dispersed a little.
- Song 3: EMOTION SICKNESS (WONDERFUL!!! With a great jam in the finish)
- Daniel says: "Obrigado!" (Thanks in portuguese)
- Daniel says: "I need you get down on my knees on this one."
- Song 10: MISS YOU LOVE (WONDERFUL! The people going crazy!)
- Daniel says: "I need someone you get up here and sing it out"
- Daniel says: "I need you get up and I need you get down" (?)
- Daniel says: "Camon Rio! Are you ready to jump? CAMON!!" GET THE FOCKER!!
- Song 11: THE DOOR (WONDERFUL!!!)
- Song 13: ANTHEM FOR THE YEAR 2000 (People sings laughter the beginning of year 2000! WONDERFUL!)

Little stop
- Daniel is in the piano!
- Song 14: ASYLUM
- Daniel catches the guitar and generality cries out: "TOMORROW! TOMORROW! TOMORROW!"
- Daniel says: "Im in Chicago? Boston?" And smiles for the Ben!
- Daniel sings GAROTA DE IPANEMA! (IPANEMA GIRL in English! A Tom Jobin song! WONDERFUL!)
- Daniel says: "Thanks"
- FINAL JAM! - In they jam final Daniel takes off the blouse, it takes off the necktie, shake the butt, Daniel goes up in top of the piano, touches in foot and lying, the guy on kayboards in the way of jam plays again GAROTA DE IPANEMA! In the end of jam, Daniel take the pedestal of the microphone to another side of stage and destroy your guitar.. RULESS A LOT!!

Was AMAZING EMOTION SICKNESS, MISS YOU LOVE and THE DOOR! The best songs of this show! Silverchair have a device with me! ISRAEL SON and ONE




A SILVER EMOTION in Rio de Janeiro

I´d been waiting 3 three years to see silverchair live in concert again ( i saw them at rock in rio) and i couldn´t wait to see them. The band which was supporting silverchair was called Detonautas, they were cool, but in my opinion the best part of their show, it was when the
vocalist announced it would be their last song.

Silverchair opened the show playing Steam will rise, thas was a fucking good song live, Daniel´s voices was faultless. Emotion sickness was the next, well, what can i say!? its my favo song, it was brilliant and last high 11 minutes. before playing "luv your life " Daniel said " this song is dedicated to you, you and you.

Without you, the greatest view, all their new stuff were fucking good live. They didnd play any song from frogstomp. Freak was bizarre, "GET THE FUCK UP" before playin´ the door daniel said.......

The crowd was asking for tomorrow, but he didnt attend us. At the end of the show, Daniel took his clothes off, and tried to break his guitar, and then the broke the drum and start dancin like a ballet dancer, it was very funny.

Their perfomance was amazing. Thank you guys for that show!!!! That show was the best of all my life Silverchair has always been and always my fuckinstastic favo band.