Canberra, Australia


Even though nobody else had decided to write about the Canberra show I thought I would. Short and sweat and straight to the point, it exceeded all my expectations it was incredible. Despite the fact that the security guard was in the way for most of the night the guys sounded amazing. The set list was very similar to that of other previous shows with maybe some songs in different orders. Petrol and Chlorine's new sound was great as was the new revamped version of The Door.

During some stages of the first set Daniel was looking a bit psycho and motionless when just standing there playing, very cool. He did his playing of the guitar with his teeth with a "hey check this out" before he began. There was very little interaction with the crowd, just straight out playing but that didn't matter. All in all a brilliant night with all you could expect from a chair show.



The canberra concert was really really really good!!!! The Sleepy Jackson were great!!! And lucky me! I got Ben from Sleepy Jackson's signature on my shirt- ben lovve you, it was suposed to say Ben loves you, but hey give him credit he had to write it in lip gloss!!!

When Daniel came on to play after all these years everyone just went crazy!!

It was my first concert and I was just soooo excited!! He was really good and I can't believe how good they sound live!!! I was really happy when Ben came on, he was looking very hot in his singlet and bowler hat. Across the Night was excellent and I really like the big plasma screens that showed the film clip! They had incence burning which was really cool!

In the second set they started of with emotion sickness, which is my favourite silverchair song. My friend Trina and I decided to stand and dance and after a while everyone was up dancing!! When they played freak Daniel got everyone to sing along and the same with Anthem for the year 2000! At the end Ben threw out his drumsticks and my friend and I shared it with the 2 girls behind us, because we all got it at the same time!! So that means we each have a 1/4 of Ben Gillies drum stick!!!!I

t was one of the best nights of my life and they are such an incredible band, but the sleepy Jackson also deserve credit because they were great too!!!!



aww come on canberra! the road reportage is so stingey! well what an amazing show it was, it left me and my fellow concertyans gobsmacked. the first half of the show was as everyone knows was more mellow....after daniels piano was playing up halfway thru the opening number he announced" i usually play better than this" or something i dont think one person noticed anything wrong with the piano till after it was fixed....

steam will rise was soooooooo good! what a fantastic extendo version heaps of their songs had really long instrumental versions in the middle these sounded soooo good. Daniels voice has really really improved since their neon ballroom tour. and petrol and chlorine had an added dimention becuase of it.

i decided that the ten minute break was the most excruciating wait of my life! lol it had to be longer! after the break emotion sickness went off. another fantastic song- i dont know how you could make emotion sickness a longer song but it indeed was longer and every second was sweet.

then it was time to "get the fuck up" me and my friend squealed to the sound of the bass riffs of Slave then halfway through the song began to dispare as i remember reading that slave replaced israels son in some of the line ups. so we were like noooooooo! we wont hear israels son! (our fave and the best rock song in the world!) during slave we were jumping in our seats as there was no floor as were many other people around the concert.

then after a short black silence spotlights went on Chris and the unmistakeable "doosh doosh niw niw -niw niw niw " of israels son began (we scored the extended version of this song to thank god!) the crowd went absoultly wild! so many ppl were standing up and the lady beside us got the shits cause we were jumping around, but we had no one behind us so i didnt see a problem. and they should lighten up and consider how lucky they were to be there! yes israels son was absolutly amazing. a big cheer to all the fellow canberrans who sang and "moshed".

The next memorable moment was when the ovens went up on the big screens- all chairians knew what that meant. half way through freak they cut the music in the chorus to hear 2 500 ppl sing "body and soul, im a freak, im a freeaaaaaaaaaak" that was sooooooooooooo coool.

i just want to say to all the old people i saw singing along- congrats! i was very impressed! (like 50-60 yr olds i was like siiiiiiiiick!)

daniel was very very quiet compared to other shows it seems. the crowd was also pretty quiet. except for the girls near the front that were screaming "we love you Chris!!!!" lol i totally agree gals. oh yeah some other ppl had a big banner but i didnt get to see what it said can someone post up what the banner said?

the encore wasnt bad either asylum has to be one of their best songs.....i dont recall ben throwing anything out into the crowd, but i wasup towards the back so he may have. come on my fellow silverchairians write about the canberra show and post your photos so i can have a closer look!