State Theatre - Sydney, Australia


WOW! That was unbelievable! When people say that the Chair concert was the best night of their life, I thought they were exagerating, but they definately not! It was AMAZING! Ive done some pretty cool things which were the best nights of my life, but this definately topped them all.......

Started off with The Sleepy Jackson, which werent too bad. I didnt like their first song, but their heavier stuff was quite good. I really liked their second last song which was heavy then got quiet then heavy again.

OK the set list was....... (dont shot me if its wrong)

Set 1
After All These Years
World Upon Your Shoulders
Tuna In The Brine
Luv Your Life
Paint Pastell Princess
Petrol and Chlorine
Across The Night
Ana's Song
Miss You Love
Steam Will Rise

Set 2
Emotion Sickness
Without You
Israels Son
Do You Feel The Same
The Greatest View
The Door
Anthem For The Year 2000
One Way Mule

The Lever
Instrumental Jam

The first set was just amazing, we sat back and just let the music cover us like a huge blanket. Daniel diversity in his vioce is just as amazing live as it is recorded.

Starting off with After All These Years was the perfect intro, before Ben and Chris joining him on stage. I loved the screens, and the rainbow light sticks, they looked really good. Stand out songs for this set were After All These Years, Tuna In The Brine, Petrol and Chlorine, Ana's Song and Steam Will Rise. However, all were brilliant, not one song was dissapointing.

Intermission was meant to go for 10 mins, but went for 15.....

2ns Set was amazing. It took a while for everyone to get up and into it, the people on either side of us were losers and wouldnt stand up. They kept laughing at us coz we were getting into it. Stand out songs were Slave, The Door, Freak and Anthem. Enotion Sickness was great, it went for about 12-13 mins! I had high expectations for Slave, and it was even better than what I was hoping for. I was glad to hear Israels Son, because that then meant that Asylum would be played in the encore.

Asylum was amazing. Everone went from being maniacs into still mezmorised human beings. It was amazing. Daniel just caputured us, and I almost cried! lol Then Lever and everyone went off (except the people next to me) and the instrumental jam. Daniel got up on the speakers which was really cool, and he did he humping of the amps.

The thing i loved most were Daniels arm action when he wasnt playing, lol they were funny, especially in Across The Night.

It was a fantastic night and I cant wait to see them again in Newcastle next week!


set list
Act 1
after all these years
world upon your shoulders
tuna in the brine
luv your life
paint pastel princess
petrol and chlorine
across the night
ana's song
miss you love
steam will rise

act 2
emotion sickness
without you
israils son
do you feel the same
the greatest view
the door
anthem for the yr 2000
one way mule
asylum which dan dedicated to natalie
and the leaver

Silverchair were awesome they were so amazing. Daniel came on in a blue pinstripe jacket and blue pants. Chris came on with jeans and a top and Ben was in a singlet and his black hat with shorts I guess. They do an amazing live show there so good during anthem Daniel was playing guitar with his tongue and in across the night he was doing all these hand actions it was magnificent and during some songs he was moving and shaking his butt it was hilarious.

in act 2
B en was wearing nothing but his black undies that was a good site lol
it was such a good night
if only it could go on forever they are and amazing band
the support band the sleepy jackson were really crap the singer was a complete moron.


We arrived at the Entertainment Centre at around 7:30pm and moved straight to our seats, in much anticipation to hear The Sleepy Jackson as none of us had even heard of them before. They were ok i guess. Their drummer was awesome and should be in a better band in my point of view. They played for around 35 minutes and after they finished the crowd was getting pumped to see what they had came for, the boys of Silverchair.

Set 1:
After All These Years: Amazing. Daniel came out just by himself and couldnt have sung it better. The lighters came out and so did the cheers.

World Upon Your Shoulders: I was surprised when I first heard that this song was being played. But it sounded awesome.

Tuna In The Brine: Not a huge fan of this song and the crowd didn't seem to get into all that much but it did song very good.

Luv Your Life: When the crowd heard the "do do do" they went nuts. Everyone seems to love this song. Once again Daniel was on song with this one.

Paint Pastel Princess: The first of the songs that aren't on Diorama. I was really looking forward to this one as I hadn't listened to it for a good 6 months or so until the other day and fell in love with it again. Daniel's guitar was sounding beautiful in this song and the crowd seemed to really enjoy it.

Petrol & Chlorine: Not what i expected!! This song for me was one of the highlights of Set 1.

Across The Night: Possibly the best song in Set 1. This first time I heard this song I wasn't the biggest fan of it and still aren't but this blew me away.

Ana's Song: One of the two songs i was there to see. Daniel opened the song just himself until the second verse and it sounded amazing.

Miss You Love: Could he put anymore emotion into it??? This song is a really personal one to Daniel and you can see but just how much emotion he puts into it every performance.

Steam Will Rise: I was curious to hear this apprently "funky" version of this song but the boys pulled it off really well.

Set 2:
Emotion Sickness: Seemed to go for around 8 minutes. Was much better than the Neon Ballroom Tour in '99.

Without You: The first of the two 'heavy' singles. The crowd seemed to love this song as do I. The instrumentals sounded perfect.

Slave: Now the crowd was getting pumped! People started standing up in the stalls and some even start moshing. Couldn't have sounded better.

Israel's Son: The other song I was there to see. This is the song that got me onto Silverchair in the first place. Hearing Chris' opening bass riff sent the crowd into a frenzy. For me, the highlight of Act 2, i could be biased as I love the song so much but hey.

Do You Feel The Same: One of my favourites off Neon Ballroom and I couldn't wait to hear it live. And didn't the boys play it well.

The Greatest View: Daniel introduced this song by saying "this is your new favourite song" and if it wasn't anyone's favourite song, it now was! After this song Daniel said that if that we mightn't have heard the next song much and it could be another favourite.

The Door: Looking around you see the crowd being to laugh and also start to scream. As the drums kicked in Daniel screams JUMP!! but we couldn't :(. Modified version with cool funky part in the middle.

Freak: Good and bad really. Being basically their biggest hit it was rather disappointing that Daniel changed up his voice so much in it. I would have prefered just to hear it normal but this also showed the wide vocal range that he has.

Anthem For The Year 2000: I was looking for the "WE ARE THE YOUTH" chant as we got to do in 99 but Daniel didn't do it unfortunately. While this song was being performed there was video footage of the war in Iraq and also George Bush saying "when i say jump" and John Howard saying "i say how high".

One Way Mule: Daniel dedicated this to a few people that i think were in the crowd. This song went nuts! I was looking forward to it and they didn't disappoint me.

Asylum: Very emotional. Daniel dedicated this one to his gf Natalie.
Looking around the crowd, you could tell who the true fans were.

The Lever: Introducing this song Daniel said thanks two more times making it a total of eight (even though he said earlier that after six its just a novaltie) and cranked right out into it. This song was awesome and as it seemed to be over some people starting to walk out. Bad luck to them, as they played on for another 5 or so minutes including Daniel playing his guitar with his teeth/vodka bottle/AMP!

What a performance. Much better than 99. They have come so far in just 4 years. I recommend everyone to see them again in the future.


I saw this show last night, and oh my god. It was the best concert I have ever seen. Ever. The Entertainment Centre was absolutely packed, prompting Daniel to say he hadn't felt this popular since he last played a big show :) I was sceptical about the seating arrangements, but it worked brilliantly.

The first act was nicely mellow and chilled out, with a good mix of 'Diorama' and earlier stuff. Then the second act was just as good - I loved 'Anthem for the year 2000' and the video pictures of peace marches, John Howard, George Bush, and 'no oil' signs - it was one of the best songs I have ever seen any band perform. Cheers to Daniel for letting the crowd sing along as well.

All three guys were so so good. Ben's drum solos were both fantastic (I think he played the whole of the second act in his underwear, which was interesting), Chris totally rocked for every song, and Daniel was incredible. I'm flying to London in a couple of weeks, and am now going to try and get tickets to a gig over there - I can't wait to see them again. It was one of the most amazing musical experiences of my life.


First and foremost we were all aware of how fantastic Silverchair were going to be (have they ever let us down?). Either we had heard it or read it on this website. But I would like to state that The Sleepy Jackson were fantastic and I think that they have copped an absolute hiding from the fans. They are really going to be one of the big Aussie bands in the next few years. But now that I have my little whinge onto the main act.

The Entertainment Centre was the most amazing venue for the band. When I heard that it was going to be intimate theatre mode I immediately assumed they would be closing down the second elevation, they didn't. The stage was moved forward and so the floor crowd asn't as big as usual and being a sold out date there were over 10, 000 screaming fans. Daniel commented on this show being the largest of the tour and it was absolutely mind blowing when he got the crowd to sing the first verse of Anthem and parts of Freak.

The set list was much the same as the others however unlike some shows we were able to hear both Slave and Israel's Son which was a treat because I had heard that it had usually been one or the other.

Highlights. Tuna In The Brine was phenomenal!! I thought it would be good but they managed to pull of the ochestration really well and what they couldn't play of it was not missed. The same goes for Petrol and Chlorine. Everyone has said it but it was the biggest highlight of the night and the lights that went with it really got the crowd going. Ben's effort in Steam Will Rise was great but at this concert the others didn't leave the stage so it wasn't so much a solo but more of a jam like The Lever.

Act Two.
Before launching into The Greatest View Daniel made the comment that this was everyones favourite new song and that he knew that for a fact. Anthems visuals were excellent and The Door as usual had everyone moving.

Before the start of Asylum Daniel said that he dedicated the sond to his girlfriend and said "not to worry about that bad news it's all good". So hope all is well there. Encore was fantastic!!!

Julian and Stuart were great and the voices really melded well together. Ben was wearing his Across The Night hat and Chris was really getting into the heavier stuff and a few times was putting his bass up against the amps giving us a lovely screaching sound.

The best parts of the night were when the three of them looked like they were in their own little world. Daniel turning his back on the crowd facing Ben and Chris coming in to face Daniel. Just like you would imagine you would do in rehersal time. Whenever that happened Daniel gave us a little dance and after that whenever they faced the crowd they were smiling. Very much enjoying themselves I hope.

Few lucky people got to take a piece of the night home with them when Ben threw out two sets of drum sticks and a couple of times throughout the night Daniel threw out his guitar picks.

Haven't spoken to much about the songs because we have read all about them but the atmosphere was fantastic. I will say that it was a pity that no photos were allowed to be taken. Being on the floor there were a lot of security around us and a few camera's taken (and the girl next to us was caught recording the concert) and whilst we were standing up they were people checking our seats with torches for camera's so hopefully we will be
able to get some photos along the way.

Off to Newcastle and if that concert is half as good as this one I will be one happy camper.

Here hoping for a live CD or DVD because the sound and especially the singing was electric.

All the best fellas and thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks (apparently according to Daniel after 6 thankyou's they lose the meaning)!!!

Set One.
After All These Years
World Upon Your Shoulders
Tuna In The Brine
Luv Your Life
Paint Pastel Princess
Petrol And Chlorine
Across The Night
Ana's Song
Miss You Love (judging by the crowd a very good kissing song)
Steam Will Rise

Set Two
Emotion Sickness
Israel's Son
Black Tangled Heart
Do You Fell The Same
Without You
Greatest View
The Door
Anthem For The Years 2000
One Way Mule

Lever/Jam whatever - lots of loud music (they only way it should be)