State Theatre - Sydney, Australia


I spent my Friday night last night at Silverchair's 'Across the Night' show at the State Theatre in Sydney. All I can say is: wow!

They boys have made an incredible comeback and put on an amazing show for us all, and it was even better because we had to wait so long. As they promised, the newer, more experimental stuff came first. 'After All These Years' opened the show, and I'm sure that at this moment even people who have been less than impressed with the direction Silverchair took with Diorama, were swept away in the pure musical talent surrounding them. Old favourites like 'Miss You Love' and 'Ana's Song' kept those who are more critical of the new stuff happy, and the latest masterpieces the chair has created, like 'Luv Your Life' and 'Tuna In The Brine' had everyone warming up for the night ahead. The song we'd all been waiting for, 'Across The Night', was played fairly early in the set, so we all got what we wanted early on, which left us free just to enjoy everything else the chair could throw at us- bring it on! This song was performed exceptionally well (then again, have they ever performed badly?) and captures even more emotion live, especially when your experiencing it with a few thousand other people. Sure enough, 'Petrol and Chlorine' was performed, which was another thing we'd come waiting to see. The set was fantastic, especially the lighting, which changed with every note that came from the band, emphasising the ups and downs of every moment of every song. They also had three screens at the back of the stage, that looked like the Diorama picture frames, and had visuals to match each song.

The second set returned to their more traditional songs. 'One Way Mule' 'Anthem' (complete with anti-war messages on their backing screens), 'Freak' 'The Door' and many others of our much-loved classic chair songs made it into this set. Know this: they had the house rocking. Sadly, those of us sitting upstairs couldn't stand up or dance because it's a heritage listed building and I suppose it just has to be treated carefully but it was still a brilliant night. However, Daniel said we could stand for 'The Greatest View' so we were still kept happy. Freak and Anthem brought in the audience participation, but we didn't sing Anthem loud enough and Daniel wasn't happy with our effort on it (sorry, Daniel, I'll try harder next time) but it was fun anyway.

Speaking of Daniel, he's looking great. He oozed happiness from his spot on the stage and you could tell he was really enjoying his music and it's great to see him happy and healthy after everything that's happened. Ben and Chris did a great job and looked like they were loving being back on the stage. Julian and Stuart did their part and did it well- congratulations to all involved.

The second set 'finished' and we were left hanging in the balance for about a minute- which seems like an eternity when you're waiting for your fave band to come back for their encore. We made some noise for a whiile and they didn't disappoint, coming back to play two songs - asylum and the lever- leaving everyone having had a great night to remember forever.

Silverchair have worked hard on this tour for a long time and it was an incredible performance by all involved, boys all your hard work has paid off and it's obvious that a lot of effort goes into the show. I'm priveleged to have experienced it. Diorama has been dubbed their best album to date and this one of the best tours the world has ever seen. I leave you with this: believe the hype.

P.S the set list is the same as the others for this tour



Silverchair are the greatest live rock band in the world today.

A show that was equal parts ornate, artistic, intellectual, spiritual and emotional mirrored the venue – Sydney’s State Theatre. Silverchair have harboured artistic intent for a long time now and the Across the Night tour has announced their choice, to be both artistic and masculine.

Silverchair have matured into consummate entertainers and a band that is capable of sliding effortlessly from artists to down and dirty rock and rollers.

Opening with “After all these years” sans band mates, Daniel Johns created an atmosphere akin to the most intimate discussion, sharing with us his pain and eventual release. The first set included much of Diorama and the amazing “Petrol and Chlorine” from Freakshow. Nearly every track took the audience down a different path, challenging pre-conceptions and breaking down barriers. “World upon your shoulders” was beautiful and faultless as the three hanged diorama frames projected images captured from the space shuttle, showing our world in all its simplicity and beauty. Across the night was perfectly delivered and Johns was conqueror and deity as he left his guitar behind for the final passionate plea. This song is the intent and it is the statement the band has desired to make for so long and tonight they delivered it.

The second act of the play opened with the most amazing song I have ever heard live – an extended emotion laden, spiritual journey called “emotion sickness”. Then came rock pig Silverchair, holding down brooding, masculine and very intense riffs with controlled aggression through amazing drum runs. Slave brought the roof to caving point then the roof disappeared as Freak and then Anthem for the Year 2000 – complete with Simpson’s projections intercut with images from the war in Iraq – pummelled every ear. God only hopes someone remembered to hit the record button tonight. Songs that seem much simpler and underdone on the albums became intense, grand and magnificent in this theatre of opulent red curtains and stone walled throne rooms.

Tonight, Silverchair were everything.