Brisbane Convention Centre - Brisbane, Australia


Another day, another silverchair concert!!!

The setlist was pretty similar to the night before, but it was great nevertheless

Act One

After All These Years
World Upon Your Shoulders
Tuna in the Brine
Luv Your Life
Paint Pastel Princess
Petrol and Chlorine
Across the Night
Ana's Song
Miss You Love
Steam Will Rise

Act Two

Emotion Sickness
Without You
Israel's Son
Black Tangled Heart
Do You Feel the Same
The Greatest View
The Door
Anthem For the Year 2000
One Way Mule


The Lever/Outro

Sleepy Jackson were good, but there were a lot of empty seats as there were quite a few people outside watching the cricket (during silverchair's set, Daniel asked if anyone wanted to know the cricket score, then saying "it's really bad, you're not going to believe it, the other team is 3/604.... who are they playing?" Then he commented on Shane Warne and said he's sitting at home watching, and "let's hear it for Warney". Daniel said that Warne would be joining the tour later, playing the maracas because that was close to spinning).

The security and management had a better hold of the crowd, this time when everyone rushed to the centre of the room, they were prepared and made everyone go back to their seats. When everyone stood up, Daniel said that everyone should be careful because they got in trouble with management the night before.

Daniel dedicated 'Across the Night' to SquareEyed Films, and just before he went to sing, he asked Chris if he could have his water. The crowd started screaming and Daniel was amused, saying "You're cheering because I had a sip of water?" Later he asked Bailey to get him some vodka and a couple of songs later Bailey came on stage with 5 cups on a silver platter.

When he was introducing "Ana's Song" he said they used to play it reggae style and promised that they would play it that way next time.

The crowd was more vocal than the night before, and I think the band enjoyed it, Daniel and Chris were moving around a lot more and Daniel tryed to climb his amps.

Both of the shows rocked, and I'm already waiting for the next time silverchair tour, hopefully we won't have to wait another 3 1/2 years!



Great Hall Brisbane convention centre

This band is a class act that's for sure. After opening with "After all these years" I knew I was in for something great and a great show we all got. Daniel showed no signs of his heath problems that plague him last year. Was in good spirits and joke with the crowd and ask the crowd to look after one another and be good to one another.

There's was so many highlights "Israel son", "Door", "Freak", "Across the night". I could go on and on...." World upon your shoulders". There's Anthem of the year 2000" which the crowd really got into and got to sing the opening verse when Daniel asked us to. This was truly a great show.

I'm counting myself lucky that a second show went on sale so I could get a chance to see this class act. All members put there best foot forward, Ben and Chris played like it was the first night of the tour, and Daniel was doing the same. The performance of every song they played was flawless. Seeing silverchair live is not only a great rock experience but a great musical experience as well.



I went to the gig on the 23rd of March, and it was completely awesome. The night started off with the Sleepy Jackson, and they were totally awesome their Beatles meet the Beach Boys tunes really were a nice change.

Then the first half of Silverchair was completely awesome, all of their contempory rock songs, loved it soooo much...played all their great songs and i was really impressed by their stage presence. The 2nd half saw the hard Rock Gods that Silverchair are, come out for show and tell. Israel's Son, Freak and Anthem for the Year 2000 were awesome, to see the crowd rise up and cheer and sing like there was no tomorrow...Their politcal message came across in Anthem for the Year 2000, as Daniel Johns, screamed to the crowd and got everyone to start chanting "NO WAR", their use of media was extremely well done, using pictures/images of what we all have been seeing on tv re-inforced that the Youth of today can make a difference.

It was an amazing experience all up, all though i was right against the side wall where Daniel Johns was, I felt the whole time as if I was only metres away from them. Silverchair has an awesome gift to draw you into them no matter where you are. And they weren't snobs either, they talked and got us in on everything that was happening. We all got a laugh and a smile, when Daniel was humping the amp and shaking his booty for everyone to see (not that bad Daniel! Probably why he was voted up high in the top sexiest male musicians in massive). Ben's high voltage energy flowed out of him and Chris' fantastic bass playing skills, were shown as soon as he picked up his guitar.

This was the first time I have ever seen Silverchair live, and I have to say, I have been to alot of concerts, and this was the best one I have ever been to! Way to go guys! Congrats on an awesome performance and keep going hard at it!




Being a Chair fan for almost half of my life, I couldnt believe my luck when I scored 5th row tickets to the Silverchair concert. After booking in December the long wait to the 23rd of March seemed to go forever! But when it finally arrived, it surpassed all of my expectations. Never have I heard of a band who perfomed even better than the recording! But Daniel, Chris and Ben pulled it off in a remarkable fashion.

All beginning with 'After All These Years', I swear my friend Jane and I almost burst out crying at the perfection of the performance, and it was fantastic to see Daniel looking so healty and happy... Every song just got better and better. The real highlight was the performances of 'Steam Will Rise' and 'Petrol and Chlorine', two of my personal favourites, which got performed live for only the second time in history.

Between Daniels on stage antics, Chris' entusiasim and Bens always entertaining facials (When playing) I seroiusly I was so overwhelmed I almost fainted! I couldnt find one flaw in the whole show. Except for mabye, when Daniel threw the half drank water bottle, it landed in my row, in my section but about a metre to my left. (Damn it)

So anyone who gets the chance, go and see the show again and again, because it is definatly worth it! A fawless show with a phenominal ending... The best night of my life!



I went to see Silverchair both nights they played at the Brisbane concerts, however the first night I had rather average seating and the second night i had 5th row seats with which i was absolutely stoked with. (this is the concert i am going to be referring to)

Sleepy Jackson were the support band and i thought were pretty good. They were really nice too. I went and said hello to them just before they went on and after they came off and at the end of the night proceeded to be the last people in the hall with them (photos!).

Silverchair's turn for the limelight came and Daniel walked on in true "playing himself down" fashion by simply walking to the piano, seating himself and playing 'After all these Years' beautifully. His voice was faultless on both nights and his simple piano skills were mesmerising. After he finished on the piano Ben and Chris walked out, took their places and belted out 'World upon your shoulders.' Daniel looked as though he'd never been sick and managed to thrust himself everywhere all night, including jumping onto his huge amps towards the back of the stage. You all know the other songs he played because of all the other reviews so i will just speak about significant things that stood out to me. One of these was when Daniel went to say something into the mic and his voice went raspy and he just goes "Fuck" and asked for a bottle of water. When he began drinking it everyone went up in a frenzy and Daniel said "Fuck - You cheering just because i had a sip of water? Well when I'm done, I'll throw it out to you guys and you can share what's left of it" (or something along those lines anyway) He was really into the crowd this night and everyone was loving it.

Secutiry was tight as apparently the night before 7 security guards were trampled in the stampede and Daniel got in big trouble from management and was told that if he did that again Sunday night, he wouldn't get payed for that gig (as if it would even make a dent) - however that is just something a security guard told me so i dont know how much truth it holds.

Steam will Rise was wonderful and Ben was superb on the drums. I feel honoured to have heard it the first and second time they had ever played it live. Same with Petrol and Chlorine.

Lights dim

The band walks back on and everyone goes nuts. The guys start rocking out Emotion Sickness, and tonight the synthesizer worked properly so it was awesome! More songs with the only difference from Saturday night being Israel's son instead of Slave. It rocked and Daniel made sure we rocked too.
The last for songs were excellent and were the perfect way to rock out the second act. These were The Door, Freak, Anthem and One way mule. Daniel stared me in the eyes and let me take his photo. I will never forget it. It's funny though how something so insignificant to them is so significant to yourself. Oh well.

Silverchair left and the crowd would NOT stop screaming and whistling and chanting and stomping and clapping. So Daniel walked back on, sat once again at his piano and played Asylum. This song distinguished the true fans from the phonies. "But that's the way the cooke crumbles" isn't it Daniel?
The Lever was the last song and it was awesome, the end was extended and became a rock out. I loved it - but they didn't say goodbye. Then again, why would I expect that? They are too unconventional to leave in a conventional style.
They are the best.
They performed without fault.
I will never forget it.