Silverchair's major activity in July of 1996 was to begin mixing the 14 tracks for their highly anticipated second album. The band also played five shows in Australia before and after the trip to New York for the mixing sessions with producer Nick Launay and engineer Andy Wallace.

Ben Gillies and Daniel Johns flew in from Sydney with manager John Watson on the morning of July 19th. They joined Launay and Wallace at one of New York's premiere mixing studios and began working on final mixes of the 24-track recordings they had made at Festival Studios in Sydney the month before.

Though Watson, Gillies and Johns had to return to Australia just four days later to prepare for two shows the following weekend in North Queensland, Wallace and Launay remained in the studio and completed the mixing of eight songs. The balance of the work was scheduled for completion in October.

Mixes completed in July 1996:

* Roses
* The Door
* Freak
* Lie To Me (tentatively called "Liar")
* Abuse Me
* Pop Song For Us Rejects
* Slave
* Learn To Hate

Signs posted by Daniel Johns on the back of the chairs of Nick Launay and Andy Wallace at the mixing desk in New York:

* "Nick can really fuck you up so don't mess with him 'cause he's a big fucker."
* "Andy is a hard-core hero."

Daniel Johns and Ben Gillies in New York, July 1996 While in New York, Johns, Gillies, Watson and Launay paid a visit to the Coney Island High music club in the East Village to take in a set by Australia's You Am I.

A reporter from Canada's YTV channel was on hand, and she asked Daniel to interview YTV's Tim Rogers.

Daniel: [smiles at the camera] No problem. Tim, what brought you to this festival, was it because of Lollapalooza?

Tim: It was actually a blind date between you and me!

Daniel: Mmm!

Tim: And oh yeah, you're pretty good looking!

Daniel: Yeah, you are too! [grins] Tim, are you homesick yet?

Tim: Daniel, I'm not homesick any more after seeing you!

YTV: That ring on your brow... is brand new, well, since I've seen you anyway which was like eight months ago, so you just recently got it?

[Close up on the eyebrow ring. Daniel stares into the camera]

Daniel: Yeah, it's an engagement ring! Tim proposed to me! [Tim and Daniel smile]

YTV: Oh! Did it hurt? Daniel: Um, no not really, 'cause it was all for the right reasons, ya know. [scratches his neck]

YTV: All in the name of rock 'n' roll?

Daniel: All in the name of love!

YTV: For Tim.

[Tim winks at the camera]

YTV: This is sweet, this is the sweetest date I've ever encountered!

[Daniel laughs]

YTV: Bye guys, thank you!

Daniel: [laughs and waves] See ya later!

[Thanks to Meg (duckett@astral.magic.ca) for the transcript.]