Former Rolling Stone Editor Jeff Apter will soon release a new book on Silverchair called "A New Tomorrow" which is a rewrite of his previous tome on the band that was published 3 years ago. While it’s not an official biography and the bandmembers have not yet read it, we thought you might be interested to hear a bit more about this book so heeeeeeere's Jeff...

What were your reasons for writing another Silverchair book? So much has happened to the band, collectively and individually, since 2003, when my first book was published, that it seemed a real oversight not to at least update it. But as I started to re-enter the world of Silverchair, I found myself interviewing people I’d missed the first time around, as well as learning about the new album. The book took on a whole new life. It’s radically different — and I think a lot better — than Tomorrow Never Knows.

How different is this book to Tomorrow Never Knows? If the book was a car, all that would be left of the original is the interior. It’s a good 80-something pages longer, some mistakes have been corrected, people involved early on, such as Phil McKeller and Kevin Shirley, have spoken at length, as have more recent ’Chair insiders such as Paul Mac, David Bottrill and Julian Hamilton. And, of course, there are lengthy new interviews with the band, plus the guy who signed them to Atlantic in the US — even the man many consider to be the world’s leading Silverchair expert. The book has been redesigned and the photo section has been completely updated with some rare shots of the band that cover their entire career. I’m really proud of it.

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