silverchair's new album will feature at least 13 new songs, the innocent criminals pages have learned. The follow-up to the band's highly successful debut frogstomp is due in February from murmur (Sony). A total of 14 songs were recorded between May 30 and June 22 at Festival Studios in Sydney, Australia.

Nick Launay is producing the new release, which as yet has not been given a title. Launay (who has also produced such bands as Midnight Oil, Public Image Ltd. For Squirrels, Birthday Party and Talking Heads) produced the new version of silverchair's Blind, which appears on the Sony Records soundtrack for the motion picture The Cable Guy.

Launay and New Jersey's Andy Wallace, one of the world's premier mixing engineers, have completed the mixing of eight of the tracks, with the balance due to be finished in October. Wallace's mixing credits include albums by Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine, Helmet and Sepultura.

As with frogstomp, the songs were written by Daniel Johns and the collaboration of Ben Gillies and Daniel Johns. Gillies and Johns recently flew to New York along with manager John Watson and murmur's John O'Donnell to assist in the mixing process. During the band's brief stay in New York, Gillies told the innocent criminals pages that silverchair would play several shows in North America prior to the release of the new album, in addition to the eight dates already set for late September and early October in Australia. Many of the new songs will be played on these dates before the release of the new album.

The songs include six which have been live by silverchair in performances prior to this month:

No Association
Pop Song For Us Rejects
Learn To Hate
Nobody Came

Three of the remaining songs recorded for the new album were performed at shows in Australia in late July:

The Door

Five songs have not been heard by live audiences anywhere:

Abuse Me
The Closing
Petrol and Chlorine
Punk Song #1
Punk Song #2

Punk Song #1 has also been referred to as Liar, while Punk Song #2 has been called Better. Punk Song #2 is not expected to be included on the new album. Punk Song #1 will have a different, official title.