Here in Australia, Silverchair's "Diorama" is now officially the fastest selling album of their entire career.

The widely acclaimed disc went past triple platinum sales (210,000 copies) today - only eight and half months after it was initially released. By comparison, Silverchair's debut CD "frogstomp" took almost a year to reach this point. Its' follow up, "Freak Show", got there after two years while 1999's "Neon Ballroom" is only now on the verge this sales level.

These unprecedented sales are all the more remarkable given the album's radical shift in musical direction. "Diorama" sees songwriter, Daniel Johns, intentionally discarding most of the heavy rock riffs that had become the group's trademark and experimenting with more melodic and orchestral stylings.

It has also been achieved in spite of the fact that the band has not been able to play any Australian concerts since the album's release due to health problems.