As announced recently, silverchair's Daniel Johns and acclaimed remixer Paul Mac have created some music together using the name "I Can't Believe It's Not Rock". We can now exclusively reveal that the duo will unveil the fruits of this collaboration with a five song, self titled EP. The music will not be available in music stores but it will be posted at www.icantbelieveitsnotrock.com from Friday December 1.

Daniel and Paul wrote and recorded the five tunes together in their home studios over the course of this year. According to the pair, the EP happened "by accident".

The song titles are as follows:

Take Her Out
Staging A Traffic Jam

Streaming from www.icantbelieveitsnotrock.com will be free with a nominal fee payable for downloading. A very limited number of CD's will also be available via mailorder from the LAS in Australia and from silverchairdirect.com in the U.S.. More details of this mailorder option will also be posted on the site on December 1.

"When we were making this music we never thought anybody else would ever hear it. It was just stuff we were doing for ourselves", explains Paul Mac. "But once it was done we liked how it had turned out so we started talking about releasing it even though, as the name suggests, it probably isn't what people expect from either of us."

According to the Daniel Johns the 'accidental' nature of the EP's creation helped lead to the decision to only distribute it online. "We were both concerned that if we released this CD in the usual way some people would have the wrong sort of expectations", he said. "It's a different sort of project so it makes sense to release it in a different sort of way."

silverchair and Paul Mac both recently announced that they were signing to their manager's new independent label - Eleven: a music company. The creative flexibility which these new contractual arrangements provide the artists is clearly reflected in the unusual release plans for I Can't Believe It's Not Rock.

Paul Mac recently completed his debut solo album which will be released early next year. Daniel Johns is currently rehearsing with silverchair for gigs at the Falls Festival in Australia on New Years Eve and at Rock In Rio on January 21.