Australia's most successful rock band, silverchair, ended months of music industry speculation today by finally announcing their new overseas recording deal.

Atlantic RecordsAtlantic RecordsIn North and South America the Newcastle based trio will sign directly to the legendary Atlantic label. A pioneer of rhythm and blues music in the 1960's with artists like Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin the company also has a longstanding pedigree as a great rock label having been home to groups like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and, more recently, Stone Temple Pilots and Kid Rock.

Val Azzoli, Co-Chairman/Co-CEO of The Atlantic Group said: "Since making their debut six years ago, silverchair has continued to grow and mature, evolving into one of the most creative, accomplished, and dynamic rock bands around today. All of us at Atlantic eagerly look forward to welcoming silverchair into our label family and launching what is sure to be one of the year's most exciting new albums."

"It will be really good for us to have a direct link with our American record company for the first time", said the group's drummer, Ben Gillies. "We think Atlantic will give us the kind of support which we need to keep growing as a band. Plus it means we get to be on the same label as Led Zeppelin so that's got to be a good thing!"

Eleven MusicIn Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia it has already been announced that silverchair will partner with a new boutique imprint called "Eleven: a music company" which has been established by their manager, John Watson. Eleven will be distributed throughout the Pacific rim by EMI. As part of this groundbreaking deal silverchair will retain ownership of all their musical copyrights.

"I've got lots of ideas about new music and new things we can do as a band and these new deals will give us the flexibility and freedom we need to be able to do things a bit differently in the future.", said silverchair frontman Daniel Johns. "We've been rehearsing just about every day for the last month working on some new songs. I'm really looking forward to recording them and putting out an album on our new labels. It'll be like a whole new chapter for us. "

Label partners for Europe and Japan will not be finalised until after the band records their next album.

silverchair parted ways with their former record company, Sony Music Australia two months ago after fulfilling a three album worldwide contract. During their six years with Sony's murmur and Epic labels the band enjoyed more top 10 hits in Australia than any other local artist and sold six million albums globally.

silverchair will record their next album in 2001. The trio will unveil some of their new songs for the first time when they headline the Falls Festival in Australia on New Years Eve. They will then go on to the biggest show of their career in January when they travel to South America to perform to 250,000 people at Rock In Rio with Red Hot Chili Peppers.