The Australian ABC TV special entitled silverchair - From Frogstomp to Freak Show aired on Nov. 22, 1997 as part of the network's salute to Australian Music Week. The one-hour production was highly entertaining, humorous and extremely well presented.

Presenter Dylan Lewis and the Enforcer, his mute sidekick, gave some basic history of Newcastle and silverchair in their "normal" energetic style while terrorising the local population.

There were interviews with people in the music industry who gave some "behind the scenes" details on everything from winning the Nomad competition to how silverchair is presented as a group.

While cruising around Newcastle in Chris's EH Holden with Dylan and the Enforcer, the band answered some generally probing questions punctuated by mostly live performance video clips including:

* Tomorrow (Cambridge Hotel, June '95)
* Israel's Son (Sydney Showground, April '96)
* Freak (video clip)
* The Door (JJJ Real Appeal, July '97)
* Cemetery (Toronto, February '97)
* No Association - (Recovery TV show)
* Abuse Me (video clip)
* Abuse Me (Late Show with David Letterman, February '97)
* Suicidal Dream (JJJ Real Appeal, July '97)

Dylan Lewis interviewed the band members collectively and separately, eliciting insights into their lives, personalities and influences. The Enforcer added spice to the presentation by always being in the background doing the unthinkable, such as mooning a barking neighbours dog, trying to kick down the fence of Newcastle High School, and stealing things from the Johns family home (including an attempt on Daniel's dog, Sweep).

The hour went by quickly. The production was fast paced and informative and held the attention of viewers right through to the end of the credits.

It is heartening to see the Australian ABC utilising their resources to help promote such a wonderful talent as silverchair. Congratulations to everyone involved.