The video for Cemetery, the third single from silverchair's Freak Show album, made its North American debut on Canada's Much Music channel.

The video had its world premiere June 21 during the Video Hits programme on Australia's Ten Network and is being shown by MTV in various parts of the world.

The single debuted as No. 5 in Australia and No. 1 on the Australian alternative music chart. The bonus tracks are a live acoustic version of Cemetery and Slab (Nicklaunoise Mix), a remix by Freak Show producer Nick Launay, which includes parts of three songs from the album -- Slave, No Association and Learn To Hate.

The single also includes the CD Extra material which was previously available only on copies of Freak Show sold outside Australia. The CD Extra includes a multimedia "sideshow," a live performance of Israel's Son and video interviews with the band. In addition to a CD single, murmur will also release a special 12-inch vinyl for Cemetery.

In France, the Cemetery single will include a track called Fade Up by the French band Manifold, which won a competition and opened for silverchair at their last appearance in Paris.

Director Gerry Casale (Freak video) rejoined silverchair to film the Cemetery music video during a short break in the band's April-May U.S. tour.

The moving ballad was the last song chosen for inclusion on Freak Show. It has been warmly received at the band's live shows in the first half of 1997.

On stage, Cemetery is performed as a solo by silverchair vocalist/guitarist Daniel Johns. However, the recorded version features Ben Gillies on timpani drums and a Jane Scarpantoni string arrangement recorded in New York's legendary Electric Lady Studios.

"I suppose we had more of a Led Zeppelin influence on this record," Johns said. "They had some cool but weird string arrangements. Like Kashmir has some really strange experimental string sounds on it and that's what we wanted to achieve with Cemetery."