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Do you live in the USA and want to help spread the word about Silverchair and their brand new album "Young Modern"? If so you can now join Silverchair's US Street Team!

The Street Team will be instrumental in helping the band promote "Young Modern" and their forthcoming US tour. There are many things we are hoping you folks will sign up for. From telling your friends and family about tour dates and release information, by phoning local TV and radio stations to request they play Silverchair to posting blogs, distributing flyers and everything else in between! We might even call on you for special projects from time to time. By completing various missions you will be rewarded with exclusive content, tickets to the upcoming tour and special merchandise from signed posters, to CD’s!

To join Silverchair's US Street Team simply click the banner and fill out your details and wait for us to be in touch!

Why not help us take Silverchair to the world?