Abuse Me is now available as a CD single in Australian music stores.

In addition to the title song, the release features two bonus tracks. One is a techno-style remix of Freak called Freak (Remix For Us Rejects). The other extra track on the Abuse Me single is a song called Undecided. It is not the song of the same name from silverchair's debut album frogstomp.

The Undecided on the Abuse Me single is a song made popular by the legendary Australian band Masters Apprentice. silverchair recorded the song while working with Deniz Tek of Radio Birdman last fall in the U.S. Tek and silverchair recorded vocal and guitar tracks for New Race (a bonus track on the Freak single) at Baby Monster Studios in New York City.

New Race went so well that producer Nick Launay asked Tek and the band to record an additional song. Tek suggested the "old" Undecided and taught it to the members of silverchair, who learned it in 20 minutes.

It is decidedly not a silverchair original, with Daniel Johns singing lyrics such as "I wanna be your sweet loving man," which between takes he jokingly (and uncharacteristically) sang as "I wanna be your sweet loving Dan!"