During the band's December 1996 visit to Los Angeles, Guitar World magazine caught up with silverchair's Daniel Johns and Chris Joannou for a preview of Freak Show.

"It seemed like a good theme for an album and a tour," Johns told Guitar World. "Being in a band is a lot like working in a circus or freak show. You set up and play, and then pack up and move to the next city."

The magazine's poinmt of view: "Even if life is a carnival for the teenaged Australian power trio, their sophomore effort demonstrates that they are not clowning around. Intense new songs like Slave, Abuse Me and Cemetery reveal a darker, more disturbing vision than their multi-platinum debut, frogstomp."

"We didn't sit down and say, 'OK, we're going to write a really dark album'," Johns explained in the interview. "It just came out like that. We did, however, have a pretty strong idea of what we wanted Freak Show to sound like. We were trying to fuse a really hard, compressed sound associated with bands like Helmet and Quicksand with a looser, live-in-the-studio approach associated with producer Steve Albini. We got somewhere in between and we're really happy with it."

Guitar World's story on the interview appeared in the magazine's February 1997 issue.