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Silverchair features in this week's Beat Magazine with a cover story well worth the read.

By Nick Snelling

I am hoping for violence. A juicy story detailing some inter-band punch-up. The tearful revelation of a physical abuse at the hands of a coke-fiend manager. The brutal attack of some windmilling Novocastrian thug, out to settle an old score. Or the tale of Natalie Imbruglia, in the grip of a jealous rage, slogging him one. Any salacious piece of gossip, really, behind the fact that Daniel Johns, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for Newcastle megastars Silverchair, is sporting one hell of a shiner in the latest promo shot. “Ahhh, that…” he gives a mischievous laugh. “It’s actually make-up. We got bored in the photo-shoot, so I asked if they had anything that would look like a black eye.” Oh, I say. How disappointing. “Nothing controversial, I’m afraid,” he apologises, amused. “We can come up with a story if you like?” One step ahead of you there, Daniel…

Johns sounds relaxed, happy to be discussing the new album Young Modern. And so he should. Not only have the last few weeks seen the first single Straight Lines dominate charts and radio playlists alike, but headline slots on a string of Australian festivals paired with sold-out showcase concerts in the US, mean everything appears in place for Silverchair’s latest renaissance. While proud and enthusiastic about the result of three and half months in an LA studio, Johns says it was a stressful time. Beyond his skittish temperament, was there a particular reason?

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